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Dog Tag I Will Protect by Ask-CoDCayenne Dog Tag I Will Protect :iconask-codcayenne:Ask-CoDCayenne 0 3
Celine's Entry -FINAL
Thank God... Sydney seems to have calmed down a bit after Dominik and I sat down and talked with her. I found out how and why she became so...corrupt. I'm going to try my best to protect her and care for her. Also, I figured out, after I read her journal, she was my creator from another dimension. Quite interesting. Not only that, I'm surprised to know that she SAW Samantha. Even after Samantha showed her so much kindness that I could even hear about from that girl, she still lost it. It must've been from her hanging out with Richtofen. Well, Sydney promised to not get so close to him. Now that all this...drama is over. I guess it's back to killing zombies and living normally.
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Admin's Journal 5 ft Celine
Day 7:
They won't leave me alone! WHY!? The voices! The others! It's driving me mad! I can only trust Richtofen... The voices tell me to! I...I must listen to them. Richtofen said it's best...But, I cannot kill the others...No. That's the zombies' job. If they don't kill them soon, then I will. Richtofen and I will kill them all. They'll regret hating me! I'll make them pay! They'll all burn in the firey pits in Hell! God, the thought is making me shiver with glee! I'll be soaked in their blood. (at the end of the page there's a smile drawn in blood. The blood seems to belong to the writer)
She's...Gone. She's not there anymore. A grin stays on her face as she writes. I saw her cut her finger and smear it on her journal. Ugh. It's...just wrong. She sucked on her finger after that. I think Richtofen influenced her. But I'm still not sure. After all, she does seem to show jealousy towards her cousin. It doesn't make sense. Why is she jealous!? Why is she acting like this!? It's k
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Admin's Journal ft Celine 4
Day 6:
My clothes are covered in the crimson fluid from the zombies. This was my new therapy. Taking my anger and hatred out of the meatbags. The blood. God, it' beautiful. So...wonderful. The smell, the sight, and the taste. ((Trust me
:iconask-codcayenne:Ask-CoDCayenne 0 229
Hajime - Celine's Dog/Wolf by Ask-CoDCayenne Hajime - Celine's Dog/Wolf :iconask-codcayenne:Ask-CoDCayenne 0 6 Samantha and Sydney Fluff Moment by Ask-CoDCayenne Samantha and Sydney Fluff Moment :iconask-codcayenne:Ask-CoDCayenne 2 2
Admin's Journal 3
Day 5:
I believe I'm letting myself get jealous... My cousin, being the older, prettier, and supposably funnier and adorable one, got all the others to trust her by her blonde ways. Being "cute" by squeaking whenever she begins to laugh or curling up into a ball. We began to plan what to do once we kill the crawler and begin to fight, just to make the round shorter. The group ignored me and turned to my cousin, who has no knowledge on such tactics. I cut in, hearing what she said. Her plan was suicidal! I can't allow the others to get killed because of her! But of course, she started to bitch at me. God. It gave memoriea of my mother, who didn't even think before speaking! This enraged me more than I have ever before.
Day 5 Entry 2:
After the round, we miraculously survived. The group had quite the wounds. I once again was ranted at. I couldn't take it anymore, so I isolated myself in another area. I thought to myself. The voices insulting me. I thought I'd never see the day where I'm
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Admin's Journal 2
Day 3:
Welp. I'm still alive and so is Morgan. Being the dumb blondes we are, we began to name the last crawlers. When it was my turn, I named mine Timmy. Richtofen always argues with me about it, saying Stumpy is a perfectly okay name. I just tell him that I'm creative and can think of names 10 times better than him, and that was because I was younger and smarter than him. Boy, I pushed his buttons that time. He mumbled to himself, or the so called "voices" in his head. I swear, he's plotting my doom. I'll just stay near Dempsey and Nikolai. They're willing to be buds and keep me safe. But I think it's Celine we need to worry about more. After all, I figured out the reason why he's after the poor girl.
Day 4:
I'm losing it! I'm have nightmares every night about my family, mainly having arguments with my mom about my future. Whenever I think of the fact she isn't really thinking about me, these...odd...God must I say it....voices are talking to me. Saying I should just stay and forget
:iconask-codcayenne:Ask-CoDCayenne 0 8
Admin's Journal
Day 1:
Okay....its strange. I was playing Nazi Zombies at my cousin's place, and now we're here. Morgan was freaking out at first, but once I showed her how the game works and once we found the group, she calmed down. Strangely enough, I saw my OCs. Cayenne, my first, Taylor, my second, and Celine, my third. Its cool, but...just....awkward. something's telling me not to say that I'm they're creator, or how my cousin and I even got here. Whatever. Best just hang with Celine and stop my cousin from annoying the others and flirting her ass off with Dempsey.
Day 2:
Mother of God... I've lost my mind. I Richtofen. Whenever I kill a zombie, I feel the need to torture instead on automatically kill. Also considering the fact I'm keeping secrets, I seem even more like him. They wouldn't understand! Not even the damn Nazi! "Well we were playing this in a different dimension and we got sucked into the screen and blah blah blah!" that'll work. Telling Celine, Taylor, and Ca
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Riding In Style by Ask-CoDCayenne Riding In Style :iconask-codcayenne:Ask-CoDCayenne 0 0 Celine Masaki - Takeo and Cayenne's Daughter by Ask-CoDCayenne Celine Masaki - Takeo and Cayenne's Daughter :iconask-codcayenne:Ask-CoDCayenne 6 337 Le Time Skip to 6 Months :D - TakxCay by Ask-CoDCayenne Le Time Skip to 6 Months :D - TakxCay :iconask-codcayenne:Ask-CoDCayenne 2 52 YOU'RE WHAT... by Ask-CoDCayenne YOU'RE WHAT... :iconask-codcayenne:Ask-CoDCayenne 0 44 Happy Late Valentine's Day-Tak x Cay by Ask-CoDCayenne Happy Late Valentine's Day-Tak x Cay :iconask-codcayenne:Ask-CoDCayenne 1 0
Wait for Me - Tak x Cay Fanfic Chap 2
Chapter 2
(( Sorry I didn’t really add anyone else into the story. The whole reason is because it basically only involves two characters. Soo~ TO THE STOREH!))
Cayenne slashed and stabbed the zombies that got close to her, “DIE YOU CREATURES FROM HELL! GO TO WHERE YOU ONCE CAME!”
Despite the fact that they clawed her and the crawlers bit her legs, she continued to fight. A grin ripped onto her features and her eyes widened, glazed with her insanity.  Cay kicked the crawlers that were at her feet and stabbed them in their heads. As for the others, she kicked, stabbed, and slashed. She turned sharply, her bangs moving out of her face and revealing a strange eye. It was black on  the outside, and the iris was a much lighter blue than her right eye.
Takeo ran into the area and stopped. He stared at Cayenne with slightly widened eyes. Her fighting style was different then how she usually knifed zombies. Her facial expression was different as well. Her
:iconask-codcayenne:Ask-CoDCayenne 1 0
Wait for Me - Tak x Cay Fanfic Chap 1
Chapter 1
Cayenne bit her lip as she tried to reload as fast as she could. Being in this situation with a horde of zombies coming after you isn’t exactly the best.  Luckily, Takeo had the scene…somewhat under control.
“Hurry up woman!” Takeo yelled at her as he continued keeping the zombies back.
The French soldier growled a bit, “Keep your pants on! This gun takes a bit to reload!”
Once she finished reloading, Cay joined Takeo in the shooting-of-the-zombies. Within a minute or so, the room was clear. They looked around at the corpses. There was moaning in another room.
“Might as well get them all,” the man said and glared at Cayenne when he saw her reloading again, “What are you doing?”
“I obviously got a bad deal. The gun not only reloads slowly, but it needs to be reloaded after a few minutes.”
Takeo shook his head, “It’s sad to see such a dishonorable choice you had made. I’m going on to
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Bunt Journal Entries pt. 2
Day 2
I woke up in the same place with Celine in my arms still, I'm glad she and I made it through the night. She woke me up with a kiss on the cheek like she and I used to do as children. I missed her so much... I held her in my arms and then vowed that I shall protect her until the day I die. I also asked if it was okay for her to have me by her side no matter what. She agreed, which was totally awesome... I mean, which was much better than what I intended. She took me to her house and I met her father. I'm guessing Takeo-san isn't warmed up to me, I know I'm not warmed up to him. We had dinner and so right now, I'm watching over Celine in her sleep. Sleeping on the ground doesn't bug me but... knowing of how much I care for Celine makes it difficult to sleep if she isn't in my arms. I'm gonna go try to see if she'll slap me in the morning if she wakes up in my arms. Night, comrades.
Day 4
I skipped day 3 completely because... Celine told me she felt the same way as I feel for her. W
:iconbloodyharpoon:BloodyHarpoon 1 2
Nik..... by Xaien-Lynx Nik..... :iconxaien-lynx:Xaien-Lynx 1 35 Nz cake sketch by chibi-raiden Nz cake sketch :iconchibi-raiden:chibi-raiden 10 1
115 Things That I, Takeo, Can't Do
1. I'm not allowed to talk about honour as much
2. Even though it's a very interesting and honourable subject
3. Murderous tendencies are not allowed
4. I can only use them when killing the zombies
5. I'm not allowed to attempt to kill Richtofen
6. Even though he's a dishonourable, back stabbing prick
7. I'm not allowed to break the fourth wall and state something about the fandom's double standards
8. No one will listen to me anyway
9. I can't call Nikolai "Nikki"
10. Even though he screams like a girl
11. You know it's true
12. And it implies "slash"
13. That's why no one else has a nick name
14. I can't call him any other insult either
15. They can be seen as racist
16. But Richtofen's allowed to call me the "Monkey Bomb", and no one tells him off.
17. Please note up to no.7
18. My family matters are better kept secrete
19. Seriously, you do not want to know what happened to them
20. According to Dempsey, those stories aren't good around children
21. Or dinner parties
22. Like I'd e
:iconakeldama-115:Akeldama-115 28 22
truck by ameij truck :iconameij:ameij 320 58 I Love Yuri by Coley-sXe I Love Yuri :iconcoley-sxe:Coley-sXe 62 44 Something about MW3 by Robogineer Something about MW3 :iconrobogineer:Robogineer 101 23 Night doodle by LordPataknight0509 Night doodle :iconlordpataknight0509:LordPataknight0509 22 3 Ask the crew 4 by thelittleanimals Ask the crew 4 :iconthelittleanimals:thelittleanimals 11 6
Burnt journal entries
Day 1
It came to my intentions that Celine got attacked by the one named Richtofen. I did my research and found out that he is one of Takeo-san's comrade. I have no idea what he did and it pains me to even think about it. From this day forward, I shall protect Celine with my life. If anything happens to her, it is my fault. I feel that if Doc touches her ever again, I shall take my knife and rip his heart out. After that, feed it to his zombie creations... if I ever get the chance to see Celine again, I'll keep her by my side. If she ever leaves it, I'll be at her side instead. If I ever see Richtofen, I shall hide my hunger for his blood... that is all for now, comrades.
Day 2
Fucking bastard... I saw Celine and Richtofen, I blocked her from him and almost lost my control over my human side. Richtofen urged me to turn half demon, even though I wasn't ready. I threw fire balls at him until he disappeared. I turned around and met eyes with Celine. At that moment, my heart stopp
:iconbloodyharpoon:BloodyHarpoon 1 2
Wakin Up, Dominik by BloodyHarpoon
Mature content
Wakin Up, Dominik :iconbloodyharpoon:BloodyHarpoon 2 163
NZ: Magic pt. 33 by dumpaling NZ: Magic pt. 33 :icondumpaling:dumpaling 200 92 NZ: Magic pt. 14 by dumpaling NZ: Magic pt. 14 :icondumpaling:dumpaling 180 94



I noticed, finally, that I have not been posting any drawings....not even bases! Damn...well um...any ideas?...sketches, stories(even though I fail xD), simple drawings... I guess I can do more than simple stuff, just not too big of a project..
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